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How Does It Work?

In short, we take the same file you send to other online book databases, like AbeBooks or Biblio, and convert it into eBay listings. Then, when you sell an item on another web venue or in your shop, we delete it from eBay, just like any other book database. It’s easy for you; leave the hard work to us.


Most HammerPriced clients find that eBay sells as much or more than all other online venues, combined. Consider one case study, Eureka Books, who saw total online sales double after adopting the HammerPriced system.

Is HammerPriced Right for Your Business?

If you are successfully selling collectible or out-of-print books on other sites, eBay will probably be a good venue for you, too. Ebay rewards good cataloguing—the more information you put in your listings, the better your results will be. Your descriptions offer keywords eBay can search more effectively—we believe—than any other ecommerce site.

HammerPriced is currently in beta testing with a select group of invited clients. We periodically add new users. Join our mailing list to follow our latest developments as we make eBay easy for booksellers.

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