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HammerPriced makes eBay easy for booksellers


“I’m really happy with the way things have gone. The process has been relatively seamless [and] sales have exceeded expectations and have far outstripped passive sales from all other sites combined.”
Lorne Bair, Lorne Bair Rare Books, ABAA
“Hammerpriced is essential for any antiquarian bookseller who wants their inventory to appear in the Ebay marketplace in a legible and professional manner. [They] understand the arcana and fidelities of bibliography and the trade, and know how to translate them into the equally arcane formats of Ebay listings.”
Adam Davis, Division Leap, ABAA
“Seemless and painless. Very pleased both with the look of the
listings and the results.”
Brian Cassidy, ABAA

The HammerPriced Advantage

If you thought eBay was impossible, think again.

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Your Data, Your Way

HammerPriced uses your inventory software and converts it to eBay’s format. BookHound, Basil, HomeBase. We work with your system.

Picture Perfect

If you have book images on your website, we’ll find them and add up to five pictures to each eBay listing.

What’s in a Name?

Listing titles are extremely important. Our software generates 15 titles for each listing, then picks the best one. You can also write your own.


eBay has more rules about inappropriate content than almost any other site. Our filters will help keep you out of trouble.

Details, Details, Details

HammerPriced will analyze your listings to fill in as many of eBay’s Item Specifics as possible, enhancing your position in search results.

Your Books, Your Rules

HammerPriced allows you to set prices, Best Offer rules, shipping settings, and other filters to make eBay work for you.

A Few of HammerPriced’s Customers